About Sukoshiyama

Hi, I’m Paolo Jerome

Sukoshiyama is a sort of nickname made for myself in Karate class. it means little mountain. This is a sort of hope and drive that one day I will be a big mountain, and that there will always be something to improve.

Well, what made me want to write a blog then was, well, Karate blog site. Yes, that’s what I wanted to write about at first. But, well, it turned out that I was into a literary mood after setting this thing up. Well, let’s start. This will be my start up blog. It;’s where I put my essays, whenever i feel like writing to prove a point sometimes but in most cases something that i find interesting. Sometimes a few words on ranting, but that’s what it will be. Hmm…maybe, soon, in the future, i’ll separate my photography blog. or not. Depends if I run out of photos to post.

Well, that’s it. Thanks for sharing your precious time on words littered on a pavement, mostly noises.

Oh, and if you really like my poems. Thanks. Feel free to comment on it. 😀

Oh and I never really thought that I would be a writer, or a poet even in my college days. I was more of a drifter, in a sense of drifting from one hobby to another…until i sort of settled. Well, since I read Christian Mihai, maybe I should share a bit on my poems, bragging rights. Although they might not be entirely the best, haha, they served a purpose for me back when i thought there wasn;t anything i was good at. Even though i graduated late at 23. I’m still thankful that I was able to meet great friends, was able to find confidence because it was my first time to win a medal for something i did my best in.

In our small city, there is a small scale literary awards that gives light to budidng writers who might enter into the field. I thank them for it. It has given us an opportunity, if not to be a writer in a mainstream sense, but be able to give us lives, that we are made unique by our own experiences. Well, i’m really just thankful.

Sorry for sharing this, i really wanted to know if my poems would still be considered good without theri credentials.  Though most of the poems I posted here aren’t actually award winning, It had been once an anchor for me.

Some poet joined the Cesar S. Tiangco Literary Awards and won 2nd place for three consecutive years, 2009, 2010 & 2011. (No wonder he wasn;t able to graduate yet 😀 ) At the last year, 2011, there was no 1st place. the same obscure poet also won his first Gold after three Silvers in poetry, in the essay category. – This same poet had already siphoned off 16,000 pesos in cash for the past three years from the said Literary Awards that was why he was already allowed to graduate. 😀

Still, I believe that it is not always the best writer that wins awards but the person who is at the right place and at the right time.

Alright, i never posted my first three poems that i won since i thought that they were “written under insecure motives ~ the-somehow-I-never-knew-that-it-made-sense poems”.

The second part, though are my “pure imagery poems with unclear closings ~ i never included them here as well, and will never state which are they – somehow i forgot how i came up with the ending or that i now find that the ending did not close properly”

And last but not the least, my “Transition Poems” One or two of them are posted here. Since they were the few ones that I considered as a poem since they were “written by the proper motive, simply to challenge myself to write under a theme – rain and three perspectives”.

The favorite poems I have here in my blog are those that are not inspired by the muse but more of “it just flowed”. Like Pinocchio, Taguan, Profundity and flower proverb II (which is one of my earlier poems ala-ezra pound style). My “Finding Eden” was more of a personal prayer, the so called spiritual dryness. You may call it a poem if you want, i can;t say it is. But I like it. (wrote in ala-xoce garcia villa style) and lastly The Savannah really based from a dream until i made it into a poem.

Thanks for listening. I should have written my poems in another blog where i can give my name. Somehow, I don;t want my friends and relatives in real-time to know what i write here. Reasons.com. hahaha

Sincerely and Whimsically Yours,

Paolo Jerome Cristobal


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