In Response: To Maggie Mae

First, I want to thank Maggie Mae, a poet who I am currently following. I hope that you could find this discussion interesting, she really does write provocative poetry that will sure ignite your lost sense of curiosity and wonderment.

My Reply:

Wait, before anything else, i’ve got to say wow, nice layout! (it’s been three years since i’ve written poetry and what my lit prof kept telling me was that i should find a better word than nice for expression, but i still couldn’t find a word. hahaha)


Just as a writer of filipino fiction and essays, Butch Dalisay once said it, a writer’s block is a state of fermentation that an idea is not yet ripe for it be used, perhaps we are still lacking in experience, wisdom, and enough vocabulary to cover every word. :D (yeah, i dig this blog, i can totally feel your experience brewing with well grounded black coffee).

yep, a poet is only as good as his last one. hahaha, my last one mind you was ‘Profundity’…was it? See? I don’t even remember what date i wrote it! hahaha :D


Yeah, after I lessened my time training in Karate and Arnis, most of my free time went to that i guess. I found out that I missed having a good conversation about books, a pinch of philosophy, a batter of spiritual foundations (or any spiritual values you follow which keeps you sane in a cut throat work place :D :D :D ), anime, manga, anything that could be discussed about. I missed that part there. Although I’m sure that the physical aspect would have slower progress, i find that it is more balanced, think of it as having fullness, as opposed to focusing on a few things which I would just do, i think I like to keep my whimsy once a week after 5-6 days of schedules. if you know what i mean sister. :D :D:D


hmm…it’s actually conversing with people, about books, or just pretty much writing about anything, aaaaand the whimsy. I am more of a rainbow than a laser. :D :D :D
And i want to thank the poems that i liked in your collection that inspired me, wait, that is an inappropriate word for the experience…the poems in your collection reignited, yes that’s THE word, REIGNITED. :D Thank you for being one of those people. :D :D :D

let’s all not get too much preoccupied with our work to forget what scientists and children both have, curiosity and the sense of wonderment.


Wow, i can almost have this posted as a response blog and have it linked to your site. I do hope that it reignites more followers, eh?


Seriously, thanks Maggie Mae.

Now that you’ve read it, well,  i might analyse her poem for the sake of doing it since I do SO MUCH ENJOY reading her work.  “The Only Hands I Want To Know”  Please check her poetry out.

– Sukoshiyama

Mmm…Finally, i found how i can categorize my poetry analyses for the fun of it, entitled “As the Mountain Moves…” Followed by the following words as needed:

  • Poetry: Title
  • In Response: To Name – a long response with interesting (at least to me 😀 ) ideas I might like to expound or elaborate on.
  • Poetry Analyses: Author’s Name, Apostrophe “S” & Title of Work.

– Sukoshiyama


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