The Savanna

lion and lioness pictures 2

The clouds were overcast, and the light of the sun seemed to seep out from it.
We find ourselves atop a hill below a high canopy ceiling of sky.
I thought to have dreamt and dreamt and dreamt of you, of this.
In our own language, I have called your name and said to have dreamt of you.
You let cast your glaring eyes and I cannot help but stare.
But your eyes seem to question me, searching
where have i been in this long dream?

You say that we have always been here, staring
at the trees, letting summers pass, looking up at the sky waiting
for it to rain. It has always cooled our backs.
I have bent my back to stretch, have turned my neck from left to right
repeatedly, to shake what little mane i have.

I have known you for so long that we have treaded on each other’s paths.
The folded grass reminds us of our familiarity with each other.
Tall grass yellowed by the summers, the shallow pond that left us pondering,
Perhaps the sky meant for us to be more than just lions.
I look into it sometimes and think
how i was unable to see the stars that night when we drank from it.

Summer is yet again to come.
The spring water is just as refreshing, more than the past summers.
I stop and look back into it, to drink and perhaps to stare
at the stars tonight.

Maybe, i’m just not yet thirsty enough

Outside our hill, the winds from the White Mountains still blow.
I am starting to forget the thought of us being more than just mere lions.

-Sukoshiyama, 26 October 2011

This poem was really written from a dream. – Influenced by the lion king’s Simba and Nala drinking at the shallow pool scene – influenced by Paz Benitez Marquez’ short story “Dead Stars” – and from two Shakespearean poems that a friend shared to me once.


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