The Question of Rain


This October,
the rain speaks pebbles
like the sound of static.

Watch the patterns the wind points out:
the drifting rain,
a question marking a crossroads path you keep
asking to yourself.

“if the rain keeps pouring,
will our questions only pile up?”

Gathering huge puddles
under our doorstep
reflecting an expressionless sky, or
a sudden murkiness in it.

how the rain touches the roofs
of old gray houses sitting in silence.
watch as a huge puddle gathers all
other puddles, gathering minutes
the seconds even, lost in counting.

the rain starts drifting faster and faster,
see how counting no longer counts,
we feel a certain disconnection, again
the sound of falling pebbles.

Still, the rain keeps pouring
its numerous what if’s
how it pins needles to our heads
you ask and you only hear
the long ‘tchsssssh’-es

filling up the empty spaces of
my mouth, of our long silences
that still count, to me.

You slightly move
your hand above your hair
in a futile attempt
to lessen the question of rain.

October 1, 2010

by Sukoshiyama


2 thoughts on “The Question of Rain

    • Thanks. These here are my Transition Poems. First, a pause, as a poet, it’s very important for me to have the right intention in writing. The right intention WILL affect the poem itself. So, aside from a few poems, which i wrote earlier, most of my poems had what i would call, written for the sake of getting attention, or written because i felt insecure. So, in a sense, these Rain poems are my Transition poems since they move out from the insecurity base of intention, to, well, simply telling the poem. ~ you catch my drift?

      – do you notice how the tschh and sound of static make you think and hear about rain?

      – also, i put into effect the sort of beat of the poem, slow and gradual at first before it eventually pours. At the end it slows a beat, but by then your drenched by the questions.

      – i think explaining the poem part is a bit taboo, right?, since a poem in itself should stand on its own right.

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