1993 Battle Chess and more Chess

While I was having a shower, I thought about a lot of other things. Mostly it was my past:


When I was still a little boy then. I grew up with the battle chess. I still remember the huge pixelized characters fighting to the death. They had the lowly pawns in full battle gear; a shining grayish silver like those in the Cecon Vitamins advertisement. The pawns were equipped with a long spear that they use for attacking. The rook was just one big tower that looked like a pile of bricks and when captured or moves turns into the brick golem. One would imagine either a red brick or blue brick ‘thing’ from fantastic four that moves irritatingly slow. The knight carried a short sword with a four checkered shield for parrying. The bishop had a spear but with large blade on top. The queen had magic powers, while the king, an old and bearded guy who wears a gemmed fur coat and a scepter has a hidden dagger. Of course, as a young kid I didn’t find any difference between chess and checkers (dama and perdigama). All I thought chess was about was material superiority which later changed throughout the years. I could always turn back the time with the replay button which gave me a demigod status. Watching in delight the animations that take place, the king flattened by the rook, the king cornered by a bishop and sliced in a whirling tornado-like motion, and even the opposing queen seducing the king, Battle chess was surely a delight then. It was enough for a start.

When I had my nth birthday back when I was a kid, I was surprised to get a chess board. It was such a delight, at least now I don’t have to wait until physical education to play chess. I do think that it was strange to include Chess in P.E. classes; really, you don’t use physical exertion when playing chess except if you’re moving a 50 kilogram knight to capture a pawn. Hahaha. I remember back then in my hometown in _a_ _i__s. We still lived in a small subdivision; I used to bring my chess board around, walking through other villages as a young boy looking for an opponent to play with. Seriously, i walked around under the heat of the sun with only a few pesos in my pocket or sometimes even without anything with me except for my chess board; I would scour two or three subdivisions via the friendship route. I always kept three rules in mind when playing chess and that is first that I would never surrender no matter how bleak the circumstances are. Second, that I would always, always have a touch move rule, and lastly, a third rule which is I would never ever bet my money. One is that my parents forbid me to, while second, gambling can be addicting. Whenever I think about all these things, about how I would wander around villages with a chess board to play chess I would just laugh to myself. I don’t care what people think, and if they ask me why I laughed I just tell them I remembered a funny thought I just had.


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