the flower proverb II


the ruffling of
wet leaves, dews
dance on rain wept
petals, or on ground
-bore-earth. In her
they sought, in her
they found



i wrote this one for my mom who had remained a strong pillar in my life. I remembered the first time there was an earthquake in

_s __n_s. it wasn’t strong, but i noticed that i felt very nauseous and that the lights and water glasses were moving. We all laughed when i pointed it out until our mom held our hands up close and prayed aloud for us. That scene was only so short, yet she was filled with an unspeakable joy i could not comprehend as if her spirit had not been shaken by any possibility. This is her, how something so fragile as a flower could live under such a storm and be a symbol of hope, or solace. How mothers can be so reassuring. – So for a poem, i wrote instead an image. Hopefully, next time i would write without any explanations. The poem would finally speak for itself.


2 thoughts on “the flower proverb II

    • Thanks. I was in a sense emulating Ezra Pound’s two lined poem, In The Metro, which spurred me to take up the pen. – I thought that all poems had to be shakespearean, which I, then had no interest to read. – Pound was more closer to me as much as Neruda is.

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