You come to me as a goat
among flock of sheep. You
offer words I do not understand.
I neither welcomed you
Nor offered any words.


They scare us. I will not offer
Anything except what the  poets,
Juvenile writers of love want.
A forced smile for something
We do not want nor have
Any interest for, an awkward
Conversation where we tell you
“Profound! Profound! Profound!”
And pretend that all this is
Heart felt.

We are caught
in a mouse trap
offering no words for escape.

-Sukoshiyama, 20DEC12

A note to my younger self. It’s an expression every poet knows, that look from people with “do we have to comment?”

-using that look and comment, i tried to use the awkwardness as the persona of the poem.


2 thoughts on “Profundity

    • Thank you. This would be, along with Pinocchio (although a bit unpolished), Taguan and Profundity are my Response Poems. Although I have earlier poems which served its purpose to me at that time, these Response Poems are what I consider as matured compared to my earlier works.

      Aside from the three, I do consider these other poems as having moved up in level from my earlier works. These are The Savannah and Finding Eden.

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