Live curious

I realize there are a lot of things that are already embedded in us. And a lot of those things lay dormant, that is inactive. To an extent we are all have critical and analytical thinking skills, and we need to understand what those skills are, what their definitions are, what are the examples of critical and analytical thinking. Unawareness is not an excuse, just as ignorance of the law is inexcusable. We need to be aware, we need to move out from our inactive state to an active one. It makes our lives worth living for, it adds purpose, that is to continually grow.


I think, that the first step of living is starts when you start thinking for yourself, and that by thinking you ask, and by asking you begin to know, and when you know you want to know more, and when you know more, as the Nat Geo Ad says, you begin to live. Live Curious.


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