At the National Geographic:


A boring voice over from a Brit
at the National Geographic:

“Walruses at two tons of weight
reminds me of Hippopotamuses;
curious and unpredictable.

(How the mind writes images
not meant by simple words)

The bore continues:
“These, so far, Polar bears are still writing
their histories by floating on the beach.”

(And i’m hooked to my seat, how illogical 
the heart-mind is. And i reminisce “the night is
drawing in and in Pablo Neruda’s words: tonight,
I’ll write the saddest poem of all, tonight)

“to Polar bears, (And He, Neruda, 
whispers to me, to us, like a song)
hunting isn’t instinctive.
(an almost elated feeling of comfort crept up) 
It takes them a full two years and a half
(Just as he had whispered to his girl.)
for them to be able to live alone
in the cold and terrible
(as if she were ever mine)
ice of the north.”

– July 2012


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