A short note on a japanese war movie, Submarine I-177 and Flapjack

On a short note on a japanese war movie film, Submarine I-177, the life of the crew on a japanese submarine before the ceasefire. I know little of the truth, if this was just a romanticized story or not, all i would have to point out was the part where ithe movie made sense to me since I was only able to watch it when it was about to end. Good thing I was able to catch part of the meat of the story. I cried afterwards. And I do miss watching the RED CHANNEL, for some reason out cable provider removed it. Sad. Here’s the short note from two years ago:

After the war, the two opposing captains salute from afar. In the movie 1-77, a Japanese submarine fires its last torpedo and misses a critical shot. A silence ensues afterwards followed by sonar and several explosives dropped to hit the oxygen-deprived crew of Submarine 1-77. Accepting their fate to drown at sea, the crew of 1-77 played a song that reminded them of their happy home. And in surfacing to finally ram the ship and die an honorable death, before the final blows were thrown, it was a call from both the captain’s superiors that the second Great War had ended that with a ceasefire. But because of the song that was heard though sonar, both sides were reminded of their home which brought them to a truce.Image

I love flapjack.  It was weirder than Spongebob but it offered a different flavor, think of it as eating in Don Henrico’s, the ambiance of being a pirate or in Flapjack’s case, the sense of adventure can also It could either be philosophical or a allows for contemplative thought. For example, one of the clips shown, was that of the weird family that wanted to sell combs. No one wanted to buy it from them even if they tried to say that their work was the top quality. Flapjack somehow was able to discover a secret that they kept, which was that they had the most beautiful hair in the world. I didn’t quire rmemebr how it all happened, but as soon as the people learnt about them, they started buying their combs, only because they were infatuated and obsessed with the hair of the comb makers. Anyway, it serves as a point of discussion, that the story writer wants to portray, which at the end of the clip the father who had beatiful hair threw the money that people was giving them, he said to his son, he said to his son that he wanted people to buy his combs not because they had beautiful hair, but because it was useful, and that it was of good quality.

There were a lot more that i could point out, one of them is that when captain kunukles exploited flapjack. We see a social situation where those parents or foster parents that children love are sometimes the ones who manipulate and abuse them. but in many of those stories, the parent at fault would soon find out and ask forgiveness from the abused. Another is a scene where kanukles and flapjack were playing in the trash pit. They are shown to have a careless attitude, until one person points out that they were poor. The story progressed with them discovering that the boy who pointed out that they were poorer than him was actually more or less in the same situation as they are and that the main root cause of him wanting to step on them was that they seem to have much more fun.

There are a lot of perhaps contemplative if not philosophical stories in flapjack. To tell you the truth, it’s already been two years since i last watched an episode. This is just me continuing an old post I had started before getting busy in work. What replaced Flapjack was Adventure Time, but amking sense out of its stories would have to take another time and place.


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