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This has been a wonderful journey; somewhere someone too will take flight. They only have to wait for that chance to leap and take hold of the rope that pulls them towards the next star. Sometimes, that rope entangles them, leaving no trace, of why, they’ve gone. Sometimes they willfully pull themselves away, hurriedly wanting to see different places, know about other people, what they do, why they do it, perhaps for their own selfish reasons, or perhaps because it ties them to their purpose. Whatever purpose that may be we only have to see it for what it truly is.


My 21 day 5 minute Karate practice: On practicing every day and On our Sensei Hiroshi

New post for my specific blog for Karate – The Morning Bath Post is now mainly for my other pursuits. anyway, thanks for the follow guys

21 days of 5 minute karate

5 minute Karate for 21 days:

On Practicing Every Day and On Our Sensei Hiroshi


Somehow, a B&W photograph makes this picture timeless, but somehow,  the date on the title “Sanshin_1979” is disorienting to me. It makes me think of how precious our time here in our life is.

For a start, I started implementing a 21 day program to build karate as a habit no matter what. Whether i’m already dead sleepy or just eaten my fill, I have to practice at least 5 minutes a day. This consists of limbering exercises followed by Kihon – (fundamentals – basic low stance, straight punch, downward and upward block). Then during breaks when I’m out of breath, I do Sanchin until I regulate my normal breathing, think of it as “blowing bubbles” when you’re tired from swimming. I will also do other kata like Pinyan Yondan and Naihanchi but I will…

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Murals near Fruit Market, Kowloon Highway, HK Dec 2012


Murals near Fruit Market, Kowloon Highway, HK Dec 2012

Again, the mixture of old structures, faded murals on the newness of a place. It’s a shame that in the Philippines, some people choose to destroy old and almost dilapidated strutures that had some old-time memories that my parents used to tell of. Can;t find the right thought yet. Hope to see more of oldness embraced by newness.

Fruit Market near Kowloon Highway, Hong Kong Dec 2012


Fruit Market near Kowloon Highway, Hong Kong Dec 2012

the old market place near a city, packs a punch to me. – i’m rushing since I still have work tomorrow. So, this ought to be short note. Might lengthn this a bit later. I really like the mixture of old structures with the entire newness of a place. Hope you get my idea of perfect shots. 😀 😀 😀